Trenchfoot (featuring Lorraine King)

Trenchfoot with Lorraine KingTrenchfoot are defined as "an original sound of acoustic British folk music, writing and performing songs themed on the Great War". 

The band got together in January this year. Their sound takes its inspiration from family history and local history related to the events of 1914 - 1918. The set of songs has proved popular in Wales where they have been sung at Brown's Hotel in Laugharne, the Tabarnacle Centre in Talgarth, the Hay Festival and the Millenium Centre prior to the National Theatre's production of "War Horse".

You can find out more about Trenchfoot from their website

Lorraine King

When people ask Lorraine “what do you do exactly…?” she can’t quite give a straight answer!Lorraine is a creative force, driven and full of energy. Apart from singing, songwriting, writing, performing, illustrating and giving the odd singing lesson, she co-writes with other musicians, and provides scripts for BBC Wales and BBC Radio 2 radio’s thought for the day, as well as the odd bit of scriptwriting.

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