Dunvant Male Voice Choir

Dunvant Male Voice Choir in front of the Dylan Thomas Shelter Cwmdonkin ParkThe Dunvant Male Voice Choir will be the final part of this year's Green Fuse event.

They have promised extracts similar to the songs that went down so well at the Welsh Mam's event, including -Calon Lan, This is the Moment, Pan fo'r Nos yn Hir, Myfanwy, Tell my Father, Bring him Home, Morte Christe and concluding with the reading and prayer from "Under Milk Wood".

We are thrilled to have the Dunvant Male Voice Choir back to finish the day's entertainment

For those of you who don'd know them, they describe themselves as follows:

Dunvant Male Choir pursues the philosophy that music, above all else, is a communicable happiness, and although local surnames dominate, local pride supports and nurtures it. The singing like all great Welsh choirs excels with adrenaline flowing free, be it in the polyphonic intricacies of Benjamin Britten or the compelling surge of the great Welsh Hymns.

The choir travels the length and breadth of Britain to concert engagements, often aiding charities. Has performed at many leading venues including King’s College Chapel, Cambridge; Birmingham Philharmonic Hall; Usher Hall, Edinburgh; Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff; Wales Millennium Stadium, Cardiff; and most English Cathedrals, including 2009 - York Minster and 2010 – Litchfield, and ten visits to the Royal Albert Hall

International concert tours have taken the choir on several occasions to Canada, Germany and U.S.A. including “The First North American Festival of Wales” in Vancouver BC, and in March 2012 the choir had an unforgettable tour to Singapore. Further “more local” overseas tours have resulted in concert performances in Spain, Brittany and Ireland and we are planning the eleventh cultural exchange in a 50 year friendship with Sängervereinigung 1866 Essen-Burgaltendorf when we visit them in 2015.

They have asked us to mention their next concert, the 35th Annual Patrons Concert, which will be at the refurbished Brangwyn Hall on Saturday 27th September '14 which features the guest artiste, the eminent International Bass/Baritone, Sir Willard White.

Tickets £12 - £20 from Stuart Jones (01792) 429518, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dunvant Male Voice Choir - 'Eli's Prayer'

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  • Dunvant Male Voice Choir

    The Dunvant Male Voice Choir will be the final part of this year's Green Fuse event.

    They have promised extracts similar to the songs that went dow

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