Peter Fulton

Peter Fulton - poetPeter Fulton was raised on early American poets and inspired by Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood to write and then perform his first verse drama entitled 'Death of a Worn Man'. He also performed in Boston coffee houses, many of which were woven into his novella and original songs 'Silicon in Sand'.

With the support of Peter Thabit Jones, Editor of Seventh Poetry Press, Swansea and Stanley Barkin, Editor of Cross-Cultural Communication, New York, performed How to Carve an Angel at the First International Poetry Festival in Swansea, Wales, the Democracy Center in Harvard Square under the auspices of the Grolier Poetry Bookshop and, more recently, at the 3rd International Poetry Festival at Binghamton University SUNY and at Stony Brook SUNY. Peter’s short verse drama Waking Dolphins was recently performed at the Dylan Thomas Theatre.

Peter is in Wales to premier his digital multi-media ebook, 'Flying Stones', just released by The Seventh Quarry Poetry Press.

Peter will read poems that are age-appropriate for imaginative children the same age as the young boy in Dylan Thomas’ poem The Hunchback in the Park. His first poem is the Owl of a Lad at the Fountain, a response to The Hunchback in the Park from the point of view of the hunchback watching Dylan Thomas sailing his boat in the fountain.

Peter will also read from 'Flying Stones'

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