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July and August events in Cwmdonkin Park. And don't forget the Green Fuse Event on 6th September.

April and May events in Cwmdonkin Park.

This promises to be another great day of live music and spoken word performances. Come and see workshops, try your hand at tree-wrapping, see characters from the Mabinogion. Visitors and performers will be able to bring memories of a Welsh Mam in their lives and display their tributes on the special wall built for the occasion.

This event schedule is not complete, but will give you a guide to what is happening this year from February to August 2014.

These are brief details of the local authority's own schedule of events in Cwmdonkin Park for December 2013 and January 2014.

Winter Bird Walk with Martin Humphries in the park

Saturday 4th January 9 - 10 am

All the details for this fantastic day which includes live music andspoken word performances. Come and see local market stalls with food, gifts and local crafts. Meet characters from the Snow Queen and make a wish for others and for yourself at this special time of year.

Can you melt the Snow Queen's icy heart?

On the 7th December, we will be hosting one of our major events - A Child's Mystical Christmas in Cwmdonkin Park. This is going to be a great family day out, and all for free.

Swansea Print Workshop

Dylan Thomas Inspired Session

Dylan Thomas 100 is launching the first ever Dylan Day on the 27th October using the online community to record as many Dylan Thomas poems as we can between us. Dylan Thomas was an advocate for new media embracing the latest communication methods for the broadcast of many of his works. In the spirit of this we want you use your smartphones to record 6 seconds of yourself reading a line of Dylan Thomas' poetry and send it to, who will then edit all the clips together to create the completed poems!

Since people seem to have enjoyed the day so much, here is some You Tube footage from the day, and some links to podcasts and images.

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Green Fuse Performers

  • Peter Fulton

    Peter Fulton was raised on early American poets and inspired by Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood to write and then perform his first verse drama entitled

  • Mark Montinaro

    "Often silly,sometimes serious, always pretentious!" (His Mum). Marks` work as a performer has taken him the West End to Covent Garden (Street Theatre

  • Flossy and Boo

    Prepare to have your minds boggled by Flossy and Boo. You wont see them on stage, but you will find them mingling with the crowd with Flossy and Boo's

  • Dunvant Male Voice Choir

    The Dunvant Male Voice Choir will be the final part of this year's Green Fuse event.

    They have promised extracts similar to the songs that went dow

  • Trenchfoot (featuring Lorraine King)

    Trenchfoot are defined as "an original sound of acoustic British folk music, writing and performing songs themed on the Great War". 

  • Danielle Lewis

    Danielle Lewis is a 21 year old acoustic folk/pop singer songwriter from New Quay, West Wales and published with Charlotte Church’s Publishing House a

News and events

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