Celebrations in Cwmdonkin Park

On the 7th September, there are several events sponsored by the Friends of Cwmdonkin Park. Bring your own picnics and chairs.

Dylan Thomas Shelter Stage, 12 noon - 5 pm

Live music from local artists and bands including The Shamoncies & Mark Montinaro, Danielle Lewis, Sam Gardner & Sarah Passmore, Eden Avenue, K9, Providence, Empty Shed Experience, Sian James, Blind River Scare and Lorraine King

Spoken Word, the Bowling Green, 2 pm - 5 pm

Dylan Thomas Poetry with Mark Montenaro, Jim Parc-Nest, Tony Webb, Fran Lock and Mab Jones

Evening Concert Stage, 5 pm - 6 pm

Stan Tracey's Under Milk Wood Jazz Suite

UK Filmharmonic Orchestra 7 pm - 8.30 pm

Featuring Peter Karrie

  • readings

    Extracts from Under Milk Wood

    with Dylan Thomas Community School at 1.30pm

  • book-market

    Local Stalls

    Crafts, food, books and clothing

  • willow weaving

    Workshop Marquee

    Willow weaving, guitar and poetry

  • sports

    Sports Activities

Download the Celebrations timetable hereDownload the full list of timings here.

Green Fuse Performers

  • Trenchfoot (featuring Lorraine King)

    Trenchfoot are defined as "an original sound of acoustic British folk music, writing and performing songs themed on the Great War". 

  • Lost Tuesday Society

    The Lost Tuesday Society are a 5 piece band who have collectively come from a variety of differing musical backgrounds and therefore bring with them a

  • Peter Fulton

    Peter Fulton was raised on early American poets and inspired by Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood to write and then perform his first verse drama entitled

  • Flossy and Boo

    Prepare to have your minds boggled by Flossy and Boo. You wont see them on stage, but you will find them mingling with the crowd with Flossy and Boo's

  • Izzy Young and Maria Lindström

    Izzy Young - the Folklorist and Maria Lindström will remind us of poems, songs and artists that will take us back to the 1960s when Izzy was the frien

  • Dunvant Male Voice Choir

    The Dunvant Male Voice Choir will be the final part of this year's Green Fuse event.

    They have promised extracts similar to the songs that went dow

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