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These are brief details of the local authority's own schedule of events in Cwmdonkin Park for August and September 2013

These are brief details of the local authority's own schedule of events in Cwmdonkin Park for June to July 2013

Join us for a magical afternoon of acoustic music and spoken word, featuring bands, solo artists, classical guitarists, storytellers, poets and activities on Saturday 1st June 2013

As part of the Dylan Down the Ups community group’s programme to celebrate Dylan Thomas’ centenary, The Colour of Saying creative writing competition has attracted the sponsorship of a local poet and an American publisher.

The Friends of Cwmdonkin Park invite you to make your submissions to their photographic competition - "Scenes from Cwmdonkin Park"

One of the nice things to emerge from the regeneration of the park is the new tea room. Looking out over the bowling green, there are outdoor picnic tables for sunny days and three small tables inside for when you need to huddle against the cold.

These are brief details of the local authority's own schedule of events in Cwmdonkin Park for spring 2013

The keys for the new pavilion are being handed over on 28th March at 12.00 in the Park. The Press will be there and we would like you all to join us for this event, to show your support. Please do attend if you are able. We look forward to seeing you there!

You are invited to a coffee morning on Saturday 16th March from 10.00 am to 12.00 am at the Dylan Thomas House, Swansea - on behalf of the Friends of Cwmdonkin Park.

There will be a cake stall and a raffle.

Tickets are £5.00 and include house tour, tea and cake.

It's a little sentimental to write about the loss of a tree in too sad terms, but at 4 am on Sunday 15th July, the wet weather claimed its second tree casualty of the summer. The large cherry tree at the top of the park, whose flowers in spring have been a feature of the site for decades, came crashing to the ground, completely blocking the path. If that had been 4 pm, theere would have been a good chance that people would have been walking there.

The Friends of Cwmdonkin are looking for ideas for events in the park which they can sponsor once the work on improvement is concluded. A small group has been tasked with selecting the best suggestions. So if you have any ideas, you can either use the contact form to let us know, or you can email us directly.

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Green Fuse Performers

  • Lost Tuesday Society

    The Lost Tuesday Society are a 5 piece band who have collectively come from a variety of differing musical backgrounds and therefore bring with them a

  • Flossy and Boo

    Prepare to have your minds boggled by Flossy and Boo. You wont see them on stage, but you will find them mingling with the crowd with Flossy and Boo's

  • Trenchfoot (featuring Lorraine King)

    Trenchfoot are defined as "an original sound of acoustic British folk music, writing and performing songs themed on the Great War". 

  • Mark Montinaro

    "Often silly,sometimes serious, always pretentious!" (His Mum). Marks` work as a performer has taken him the West End to Covent Garden (Street Theatre

  • Danielle Lewis

    Danielle Lewis is a 21 year old acoustic folk/pop singer songwriter from New Quay, West Wales and published with Charlotte Church’s Publishing House a

  • Jemma Krysa

    Jemma Krysa, an acoustic folk singer songwriter from the rural mining village Tairgwaith, near the Black Mountain in South Wales. Jemma’s unique voice

News and events

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